denotes another ontological dimension. Such a world does not stop at merely creating a virtual world, but connects reality and virtual reality on economic, social and cultural levels. Metaverse eventually aims at constructing a world where limits in time, space or distance are transcended.

Most metaverses or game platforms that are connected to blockchain support a rather one-sided consumerism where the consumers merely receive tokens or NFTs issued from the platform. Such one-sided consumerism is not what Web 3.0 pursues. Mint Marble attempts to decentralizing such consumer practices and aims at providing more opportunities for its consumers. Mint Marble considers all users in this metaverse ecosystem as the owner and the master, and thus provides various incentives to any creative or economic activities that they do. By using a user vote system, Mint Marble plans to create a consumer-centered ecosystem that is more sustainable than other platforms.

In so doing, Mint Marble platform can be said to have receptive and comprehensive characteristics. Intervening and connecting on different services and contents, it is Mint Marble’s wish to provide a more integrated metaverse experience. Mint Marble will become the window from which the users experience a new world through mobile device.

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