Sustainability of $MIM

$MIM token is constructed based on the influx and the activity of the participants of Mint Marble ecosystem (the project team, creators, NFT item shareholders, users, etc.). Mint Marble’s developers (the project team) will issue MIM tokens and regulate the management so that the ecosystem is stable, and manage the consistent update of the contents.

Creators create various items, and the shareholders who participate in the auction to own such items will function as their patron, and the users can pay for the items or the services that Mint Marble provides to adopt assets into the ecosystem and circulate in-platform economy. As shown, the ecosystem will expand organically, and the developers can continue to develop more contents and provide better updates based on such active ecosystem.

Mint Marble is considering two directions to enhance the sustainability of such token economy. 1) Upgrading Mint Marble contents and fortifying partnership for the vitalization of various creations of items. 2) An incentive process to preserve the value of the token and elevate the motivation of the participants of such economy.

The first direction, partnership fortification, is a way to maximize the trait that metaverse platform has, which is to establish as many brand partnerships as possible. Mint Marble has a model of ecosystem that generates the value of the tokens based on the platform of metaverse. Unlike other platforms that are merely modeled after online games, Mint Marble’s goal of endowing value to the activities themselves and constructing an ontologically distinctive society will be supported by establishing partnerships with as many brands as possible. And such endeavor will give Mint Marble its unique characteristic distinctive from other, similar platforms.

Mint Marble expects to revolutionize the field through the partnerships with various brands to consistently provide contents that are connected to the brand values in real world and not just as a temporary event, and moreover through launching new models or hosting user design contest, etc., to evolve into a platform that maximizes the use of the radical potential of metaverse as a concept. Second is to construct an incentive process to return a certain proportion of the revenue generated from the management of the Mint Marble platform to its customers. First, the target of the incentive process will be the shareholders of the staked NFT items, who, in so doing, contribute to preserve the value of MIM and NFT items, and further reduce the number of tokens distributed in the market. After that, the incentive process will extend to include the creators and the users who become some sort of an influencer through various activities in Mint Marble. In so doing, Mint Marble will be able to construct a mutually beneficial relation where all activities that take place in one single platform will eventually contribute to the ecosystem in general. We are expecting a powerful and positive effect that will stabilize and circulate the token economy in general.

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