Mint Marble's Blockchain

Mint Marble’s metaverse ecosystem that incorporates blockchain does not stop at merely replacing real life currency with tokens, but proceeds to maximize the technology of blockchain.

Blockchain and Metaverse are Mutually complementary

A global trend in the metaverse ecology commands new creative ideas and new technologies from the participations from many corporates and users, and the development of various forms of metaverse platforms has been announced as per such trends of fast development.

However, most metaverse platforms are too focused on actualizing the initial design that they often overlook the sustainability of the service. The more users there will be, the less permanent the content resources will become, and to satisfy the needs of the customers who are always in search of new contents to consume, the number or the capacity of the developers always seem insufficient.

To overcome this, Mint Marble believes a focus on fortifying the blockchain based economic ecosystem that prioritizes the customers is one of the essentials for metaverse platforms.

Mint Marble’s Blockchain

A contemplation on the fundamental contents and the ways of providing service of metaverse platform should precede the natural amalgamation of metaverse and blockchain. Metaverse is different from other blockchain finance services or daily life services in that it does not take into account whether the customers need service at all.

Therefore, the world of metaverse can be said to have its primary purpose in the ultimate sense of achievement and belonging similar to online games, to check on my alter ego on metaverse platform. If this type of service that centralizes experience fuses successfully with blockchain, its power and influence will be incomparable.

However, we cannot reward the users with blockchain just by logging on to the platform, like how many P2E games do. While such rewards will help recruiting users and enlarging the userbase of the platform, but it is self-evident that it will undermine the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Mint Marble wants blockchain to work differently within the ecosystem compared to other P2E platforms. It will focus on a direct trade between the users (without the use of a middleman or a manager), or releasing new items on a regular basis, or having to send a gift to make new friends on the platform, etc., so that there will be various contributory acts that the users can partake to not only draw them to more active use of the platform, but also to retain sustainable amount of platform currency and its value.

Overcoming of the entry barrier for blockchain

A common assignment given to all DApp service based on blockchain, including metaverse, is the difficulty of the concept of blockchain and the complex UX/UI. The users must install external blockchain wallet, such as MetaMask to get on DApp, go through the complex verification and security process, activate the wallet account and connect it to DApp.

This series of process work as a huge entry barrier for normal users to approach blockchain based platforms. Unless the user is interested in cryptocurrency, the process will take ages for an average user.

In addition, the additional purchase of cryptocurrency due to the gas fee (a fee that directly connected blockchain imposes on the users) can be seen as another entry barrier.

To tackle such problems, Mint Marble allows the users to create an in-app blockchain wallet as simple as creating an account. With this wallet, the users are unburdened of the logistics and the transactions of the asset within the platform. Also, the small fees that Mint Marble asks for users to enjoy the contents in the platform will be intuitively featured on a UI/UX that is user friendly.

As explained earlier, Mint Marble will minimize user entry barrier so that they can have more immersive experience with metaverse, and provide the best environment for a natural fusion of metaverse and blockchain by providing speed that is on par with any other DApp.

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