Crafting and Gathering

Creators can craft avatar costumes or decorative items in Mint Marble. The production will require a recipe and ingredients of the item, and production tax may apply depending on the item.

Mint Marble Recipe

The recipes for the craft can be gained by collecting observation points. An observation point can be acquired from observing other user’s avatar costume or decorative items. By accessing avatar information of other users, one can ‘observe’ what they are wearing or using, and each observation will grant 1 point, with a cool down between observations.

Once the observation point for a specific item is accumulated by 10, they can craft that specific item. Notwithstanding the tier or the value of the item, all items will allow a recipe once observed 10 times.

Recipe will be managed in the form of slot list, and it helps managing various types of recipes in a more effective manner.

Gathering Spot

There are various gathering spots in Mint Marble. Gathering spots allow you to gather ingredients, and each spot allows you different tiers or types of the materials that you can gather. An entry requirement is a completion of a simple quest and a guide, and it is important for users to find the right spot for the item that they wish to create.

Once the user arrives at the gathering spot, the user needs tools to gather them more effectively. Gathering tools will help the users gather faster and more. However, gathering tools can be ‘consumed’ per chance during the gathering.

Gathering also incurs fatigue for the avatar, and once the users have consumed all the fatigue level, they cannot gather any more. The fatigue will be recovered over time.

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