NFT in Mint Marble

Blockchain based metaverse with Web 3.0 and social elements

Mint Marble is a global metaverse platform that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. All users can create and develop their own space (My Room) and their own avatar and experience the world of Mint Marble by forming relationships with various people.

Any user can introduce their items to the world of Mint Marble. The items range from hairstyle, makeup style, fashion, furniture to pets, incorporating one single service or even the process of making one service. This permission of creativity will be translated to NFTs that actively use blockchain technology in the world of Mint Marble.

However, to prevent offensive or unqualified ideas flooding the metaverse, Mint Marble has some limitations as to its permission of creativity. This device will be formed using the idea of governance (a process of interactions through the laws, norms, power of language of an organized society over a social system) to regulate such permissions while not undermining the values of decentralization or democracy of Mint Marble.

Direction of Metaverse Utilizing NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFT means a process of transforming digitalized music, art or service into ‘one and only’ asset by endowing unique classification using blockchain technology. NFTs were first introduced to preserve the value of such digital forms of assets, and it is in the process of earning public acclaim. However, there are negative opinions on NFTs, most famously by David Hockney, a renowned artist, that argues that NFT is just a fixed URL and nothing beyond.

Mint Marble announces the metaverse project as below, to not just use NFTs as one of the blockchain technologies, but to create an environment where a maximum potential of NFTs – to construct everything in NFTs, ranging from what can be worn, rode on, or used – to eventually provide a world that exists beyond the limitations of NFTs.

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