Creator Program

Who plays the most central role in Mint Marble? It is the creators. Creators can create A to Z of Mint Marble. For example, the outfit of the avatar, the cars they ride, pets, butlers and even furniture and wallpapers for My Room (a personal space in Mint Marble).

It is very simple to be a creator. Anyone who has an account on Mint Marble who has not been restricted in their activities due to illegitimate activities can create and upload it on Mint Marble.

The item the creators create is subject to potential sales once it goes through the auction and gets approved, and Mint Marble is working on transforming such experience into more tangible asset of users, for example, as being able to use such experience in the resume for professional designer positions in real life.

Mint Marble Creator Tool

Creators can use their primary 3D modeling program to create items. However, Mint Marble is planning to implement a creator tool for those who have creative ideas and trendy sensitivity without professional 3D modeling expertise.

The creator tool will allow the users to design the texture of the items, using various modeling templates, and will allow its users to transform their ideas to a Mint Marble item in a relatively easy and simple way. It should be noted that even when Mint Marble supports its own creator tool, creators can still use the more professional graphic tools or modeling. Maya, 3ds, Max, AutoCAD 3D, etc., are all allowed.

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