Mint Marble Governance

Mint Marble’s managerial policy decisions and ownership of the incentive pool will begin with the project team initially using a governance system and will expand to the users and to the community eventually.

Such an approach manages the governance staking pool using MIM token staking, distributing the pool to the contributing participants. This eventually dilutes the ownership and the authority of the initial ecosystem decision making from the project team. Mint Marble plans to establish and develop the governance system with two major steps.

Step One: Governance Process

  • An acquisition of Voting Power by direct MIM staking

  • Project team postulates the agenda

  • Decision making for the most basic policies (and the adjustment of events and the price of service)

  • A stabilization of initial governance system

Step Two: Governance Process

  • An expansion of the acquisition of Voting Power from Staking MIMs to reward for Mint Marble platform contributors.

  • A direction for the restoring of the incentive pool (from the project team to the customers) and a more concrete decision-making

  • An establishment of the system for user agenda postulation via forum.

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