NFT Auction & Marketplace

Mint Marble NFT Launch

The ways in which NFT items are created on Mint Marble metaverse platform can be bifurcated, largely.

First is a direct release of a limited number of NFT items from the project team. This will be a very special occasion, and only the amount agreed upon via B2B brand collaborations will be allocated on to Mint Marble.

By purchasing NFTs, the users can wear, use, or ride on the items that the famous brands or designers have themselves participated in the design or production. If some such collaborative effort persists and the brand value of Mint Marble increases, we expect that at some point, those who purchase the NFTs on Mint Marble will be able to get both actual product and the digital product.

Second is the operation of the item-release process based on the creators. All users have the authority to transform their creative ideas into NFTs and release it into the world of Mint Marble.

However, for the release of the user-created NFT on Mint Marble, they need at least a hundred participants in the auction (a decentralized auction in the form of governance). Mint Marble’s auction has some differences with the conventional notion of auction.

Mint Marble NFT Auction

The auction system of Mint Marble means something beyond mere release of products. It is an opportunity – for creators, to participate in cultivating brand value, and for customers, to have complete ownership of a unique item. Through such process, Mint Marble wishes to accelerate the circulation of cryptocurrency and in so doing incentivize the creators to create even more.

To ensure the minimum quality of the NFT products, the auction will be held every 2 weeks, and the items will be updated on Mint Marble platforms when the auctions are not on.

The rules are:

  • A single auction can feature up to 100 items.

  • The auction takes place over the course of a week, and the top 100 participants will be the winner of the auction

  • In case where the number of participants is less than 100, the item will not be released.

  • To participate in the auction, one needs $MIM tokens..

  • The winners will receive the items automatically after the product is authorized by Mint Marble platform once the auction is over.

  • This auction-NFT-system applies without an exception. Even the direct releases of NFT items from the project team will be put to an auction.

Mint Marble Marketplace

Mint Marble marketplace is a system that allows trades of items that exist on the platform. Both buying and selling are possible, and they take a form of dropshipping.

The crucial factor in forming a blockchain-based free-market economy in the Mint Marble metaverse is to encourage the users to create and own their NFTs to lead the economic structure voluntarily. For the above reason, Mint Marble supports the users by granting as much freedom and responsibility to maximize productivity in terms of buying & selling the NFTS, claiming ownership of the various items and NFTs (costumes, accessories, furniture) for decorating their own spaces in the In-Game. To make this possible, Mint Marble provides the users with the in-game marketplace to ensure a safe and convenient in-game trade of NFTs.

  • Unlike the auction, the seller sets the price they want for the items.

  • A modest fee for the listing of the product on the marketplace will be generate.

  • An item will be up on the marketplace for three days, and the item that does not sell within the three days will be returned via mail.

  • A seller can choose to cancel the listing, but the listing fee will not be refunded.

  • Canceled listings will be restored to the inventory directly.

  • Sellers can collect the sales $MIM once it is sold by clicking “collect” button.

  • The payment will be made directly to the seller, minus the transaction fee.

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