Token Use Case

$MIM tokens can be used for various activities in Mint Marble metaverse platform.

Payment methods and feeds for Auctions

$MIM will be used as a payment method to participate in the NFT auction in Mint Marble. Users can participate in the auction by consigning the $MIM that they own, and in case of a failure on bidding, it will be refunded 100%. However, the successful bidders will have to pay for the NFT minting fee for the auction item.

In-game transaction via marketplace

Unlike the auction, the marketplace allows the users to trade NFTs with $MIM. A listing fee for when the users list their items on the marketplace, and a transaction fee for successful trades will incur when collecting the $MIM.

Price for various additional service on Mint Marble

Using additional services that Mint Marble provides, such as the recovery of the fatigue that gathering incurs, or the reduction of the craft time when crafting items will require a payment in $MIM.

Mint Marble MyRoom expansion

Every users on Mint Marble have their personal space, called ‘My Room’. The users can pay $MIM tokens to expand the space from the basic size.

Staking deck expansion for NFT staking

The users can contribute to the Mint Marble ecosystem by staking the NFT items that they own, and craft the copy of the NFT item and sell them. However, one NFT item is basically divided into 100 fragmented share and authority, and a single fragment takes up one staking deck.

Users can increase the number of staking deck in order to store more shares for more NFT items and the payment for the expansion will be made in $MIM.

Tax for leveling or compounding NFT items.

In case of fragmented shares of an NFT item belong to the same NFT unique number, Mint Marble will provide a service to have a higher stake value by compounding divided shares. Through this process, users can save on staking deck storage, and minimize the fragmentation of the shares to maintain the value of the NFT item and generate more revenue.

Payment method for the in-platform commercials

Mint Marble features different places, backgrounds, communities and even social media. Users and even corporates can submit their commercials on the contents in the world of Mint Marble. The commercials in the metaverse will be the same as the commercials in real life; they do not discriminate the type or the genre of the items that are commercialized, and the commercial types, too, can range from OOH (Out of Home) advertisement to influencer advertisement.

It should be noted that the paid commercials in Mint Marble are based on the $MIM transaction, and only after the payments are made, the contract for the commercials will be drafted.

Proof of Contribution via Governance

Mint Marble will implement decentralized governance process that is based on the customers as soon as the initial ecosystem is stabilized. Mint Marble will support staking of $MIM tokens as the basic means of entering the governance.

The users can submit their opinions and vote on various decision-making processes of Mint Marble as per their contribution examined by the amount of staking of a user.

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